Hongfeng Party Branch Welcomes the Victory of the Nineteenth National Congress
Release date:2018年10月13日    Browse times:705

At 9 a.m. on October 18, 2017, Hongfeng Party Branch organized all Party members and comrades to watch the opening ceremony of the Nineteenth Congress of the Party collectively in the multi-functional media activity room and listen to the work report of the General Secretary.

Secretary Huang of the Party branch of the company: General Secretary Xi's report comprehensively expounds the great achievements of China's rapid development in the past five years, and vividly depicts the bright prospects of our great motherland! With a high sense of political responsibility and a good state of mind, we should thoroughly study, publicize and implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress. We should not forget our initial intention, keep in mind our glorious mission, and combine our company's actual situation, strive for strong and innovative development, and conscientiously integrate our thoughts and actions into the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress.

As a glorious Communist Party member, we must do a good job of pioneer model and exemplary role, so that Hongfeng Company has made breakthroughs in production, quality has been improved, staff happiness, sense of honor has been further enhanced, in order to fully build a well-off society on schedule and open a new journey of socialist modernization.

Tu Xiaoming, member of the Party branch and chairman of the trade union of the company, never forget his first intention and forge ahead! The Nineteenth National Congress has pointed out the goal of struggle for the next five or even twenty years, and the rise of our Chinese nation is just around the corner. As a grass-roots party member and chairman of enterprise trade union, always keep in mind the pledge of joining the Party, always remember that he is a glorious Communist Party member, do a good job in all aspects of vanguard model, do a good job in the healthy development of enterprises, the bridge between the happy work of employees, to contribute his modest efforts to the realization of the great Chinese dream!

Ke Xianhu, Vice Director of Foundry Workshop and recipient of the May 1st National Labor Medal, was proud of the achievements of the motherland in the past five years after listening to the report of General Secretary Xi, and more confident of the grand blueprint of the next five years as outlined by General Secretary Xi. I am a front-line employee and a member of the Communist Party trained on the front line. During the past five years, I have also felt that the Communist Party of China, under the leadership of General Secretary Xi, has been improving people's living standards and national pride; in the aspect of innovation leadership, in the past five years, the Innovation Studio has been used as a platform for the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of the company through continuous innovation; and in order to influence and sustain the advancement of the Party members. Lead your colleagues to devote themselves wholeheartedly to all kinds of work. In September this year, I was honored to be elected as the part-time vice-chairman of the General Trade Union of Nanhu District. This is also an innovation of the trade union organization. In the future, we will publicize the good policies of the trade union to our workers, and also convey the true voice of our workers to the trade union organization. We will unite and lead the broad masses of workers to actively participate in various work of economic and social development. In the future work, according to the grand blueprint described by the General Secretary, I will work harder to stand on my post, do my best, do my duty and do my duty, and take a qualified Party member as the building of a well-off society in an all-round way, so as to contribute my modest efforts to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's Chinese dream!